Air coolers

An air cooler is installed directly in the refrigeration chamber to maintain the temperature regime in a closed environment. Most often, freon is used as the refrigerant in the evaporator. There are also models that use glycol-based liquids.

Air coolers have found wide application in industrial production, various ventilation and air conditioning systems, refrigeration and freezer chambers, vegetable storage facilities, drying chambers, and other equipment that requires low temperatures to operate.

Technical specifications of the air cooler:

If you purchase an air cooler, you can ensure long-term storage of products, maintain the required temperature, and humidity levels. Experts from "Vector Lux LLC" will help you choose the optimal model depending on the purpose of the room and its operating mode.

When choosing an air cooler, the following criteria are important:

•    Required air temperature
•    Potential thermal load (cooling capacity)
•    Type of products to be stored in the room
•    Optimal arrangement scheme for one or more units to ensure even cooling of the entire cooled volume
•    Fin spacing affecting the duration and interval between defrost cycles
•    Type of working fluid for the cooler
•    Heat exchange area
•    Quality and type of refrigerant (freon, water, water-glycol solution, etc.)
•    Heat transfer coefficient
•    Fan blade rotation speed
•    Distance to which the air stream discharged after cooling
•    Power of the model's motor and heating element responsible for the defrosting process.

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